WorldRemit - Referral code ANDREASN52

This is by no means a sponsored post, but made on your own initiative. That being said, if you would like to test WorlRemit, you can get a 400 nok / discount by using the discount code / referral code ANDREASN52. When you sign up on WorldRemit, enter ANDREASN52 in the referral code box. Once you have sent 2.000 nok as a single or over multiple money transfers, you will ne emailed a 400 nok voucher within 10 working days.

Why WorldRemit?

A good friend of mine had a business travel for Nigeria. Hence we both love the Football Jerseys to the Nigerian Football team, he found a colleague that could help him to purchase this for us. Then we had the problem with how to give him money, and the solution was World Remit. So I sent money from my Norwegian account to his Nigerian account and it was super easy and he got his money within very short time. And I payed 29nok (3,4 usd) as a service fee. And since I used the referral code ANDREASN52 I got a 400 NOK voucher.

The Nigerian football jerseys - got to love them?

The Nigerian football jerseys - got to love them?



This was super easy. I had to know quite some about the helper that purchased the jerseys for us, but I fully understand why. When I had all this information it was no problem at all!

★★★★★★ - First time i used it, but its super easy and would absolutely use it again!

Would you like to test WorldRemit, you can get 400 nok in discount by using the discount code ANDREASN52. When you download the app and register as a new user, enter the promo code ANDREASN52 or you can go to "me" at the bottom right of the application and select "Enter promo code" and enter ANDREASN52 and you will get 100kr discount on your order.

📷 The Header image are taken from WorldRemit's website on 7 July 2019.